With our experience, we are undoubtedly an essential link between Europe and Asia to link wealthy companies between in order to carry out large-scale investment projects.

It is then easy for us to diagnose the client's situation to advise them; to follow their project’s needs and give sharp advises:

· Legal advices, contracts.

· Recommend healthy projects to a strong Asian company.

· Financial advises, & Payment and Bank modalities.

We will be supporting investors from their original idea, to the signing of the contract and the payment of project up to the completion.

It appears as so many missions that standout as our primary ambitions. With several years of experience in international businesses we will be the middle part of two parties, and make it happen.

Our passion for customers relations, leads us to be the perfect middle party to help investors to find the best partner in Asia.

starlight finance group

How we are working !

Investor contact us with an investment project he wants to do in Asia. After we proceed to our due diligence, we request to a meeting.

We study his request with great attention, and depending on his criteria and amount of investment, we recommend a company in Asia.

We link the 2 parties, study the feasibility and establish all the legal contracts, as well as the management of funds with their respective banks.

We establish a clear planning and proceed to the follow-up as well as to the entirety of the realization of the project.

Model type

    Power of B2B

    Headquartered in Hong Kong, we are a very dynamic company with a global outlook. Starlight Finance group has an extensive partnership within the South-Asian region as well as market in Europe, Canada and United States. Through the partnership and association with several leading companies, professional firms and financial institutions around the globe, a wide spectrum of contemporary and innovative services shall be able to be deployed, executed and managed in an efficient and effective manner with an important competitive advantage.
    Our strong leadership and management team translates our vision into reality. We take a reliable and resourceful holistic approach in serving our clients to meet their diverse needs, and are dedicated to bring added value services to our clients and make long term commitment to helping not only our clients themselves grow and prosper but also for their generations to come.